About Vallonier
Position: Co-Founder, CEO
Public Relations and Head IT Supervisor
Anaja Metellus has always been fascinated with computer science and programming from an early age. This passion fueled his pursuit of a Computer Science degree and his continuous research in the IT field. Amongst his 3 spoken languages, Mr. Metellus also writes Java, C/C++, COBOL and MUMPS. He has many skills that allow him to work in the IT field, create applications and software, solve complex problems and algorithms, and create options that may have been over looked in order to create functional systems. In 2008 He created his own financial monitoring application to help him budget his own finances. With Experience gained from working with HP Enterprise Services and Accenture, he gained networking and team management skills, and refined his programming skills.
Position: Co-Founder, Secretary
Recruitment, IT and Programmer Research
Clement Beauvais’s experience as a non-profit president and secretary for a number of years added to his Sales and Mathematics skills has proven to be a great asset to Vallonier’s functions. He also share’s the teams passion for improvement and innovation of processes. Mr. Beauvais has studied and experienced with written languages such as Java, C/C++, PHP and HTML, and is continuously learning new problem solving strategies and programming skills. His past awards as a Sales Associate and National Tutor and his experience with data management, Scheduling and task coordination has given him the skills necessary to manage information, recruit talented people and organize the companies’ various activities.

Position: Contractor
Designer, Video and Visual Effects Editor
Mr. Lincoln’s passion for design and visual presentation shows in his diverse portfolio. His work in photography, video editing, color correcting and grading, web design and Motion Graphics gives him the necessary skills in order to provide quality, professional, visual and branding services. His music video directing background and web designing has given him the creativity and production skills needed at Vallonier and will certainly be used in our various visual products and services.

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